Tyrone Tells the wrong on that he’s gonna “F*cK your Wife” & Gets Merked.


You have probably heard of Big Man Tyrone. He is known for his daring videos in which he intimidates strangers and insults them. Tyrone has become an internet sensation and a controversial subject.


Tyrone started his strange career on Fiverr. He decided to make funny videos of random people commenting on their Chinese cartoons using Fiverr. They wanted someone to advertise what you want in a sarcastic tone. “Tyrone” and “Rog Rogerson” were picked for the job. Tyrone was very good at the job and he quickly became famous on the internet. After that, Tyrone opened his own YouTube channel where people make requests and tell him what to talk about.


The idea behind Big Man Tyrone is to surprise strangers and see how they will react. Tyrone mainly insults his victims. Although the idea may sound idiotic, some of his videos are actually very funny. However, if you decide to do what Tyrone does, then you should pick your strangers carefully. There are a lot of impatient men in the world that will not take your insult lightly.


It is not a big surprise that Tyrone got into trouble with his career. We have found a video where Tyrone is attacked by a couple of guys who were playing dice. Tyrone walks to the group and insults them. Of course, they do not take Tyrone’s insult lightly and start walking towards him. While they exchange some words, one guy charges towards Tyrone and punches him in the face.


It is not known how the incident ended because the video ends with Tyrone getting punched.


However, Tyrone did not learn his lesson after receiving a beating. He continued insulting people and started a street fight with social-media-star Big Brody.


In addition, after the fight with Big Brody, a rumor came up that Tyrone was shot in the chest three times. Tyrone was disturbed by the rumor and took things to social media. He posted a video on Instagram saying that the people who created the rumor were a bunch of weirdos. He also said that it is impossible to be shot in Texas while being in Philadelphia.

“Word in the hospital that Tyrone got hit! Man please once again you all sound foolish,” said Tyrone.


At first, Tyrone’s videos were funny, but now they are just getting old. However, Tyrone still manages to be an internet sensation. We are not sure that Tyrone will ever give up, even if he receives another beating. We can only hope that Tyrone does not end up dead because he intimidated the wrong guy.

To watch Tyrone getting punched, watch the video below: