It has begun! Conor McGregor Vs Manny Pacquiao Boxing Match In April 2018

UFC Two Division champion Conor McGregor will finally be making his way back to fighting next spring, but will it be in the UFC or a Boxing ring is the question. Yesterday in an interview, Conor spoke about his plans on fighting in Boxing again and today Filipino Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao announced that the contract negotiations between the two have already begun. Check it out.

Manny Pacquiao:
“If we can negotiate it, I have no problem. It is OK with both of us, “initially, but we have not yet had any follow-up conversations. It depends who they can finalise as my opponent by April,”

Conor McGregor:
“My focus is getting back into the right ring or Octagon,”

“2017 was historic. I have transcended both the sport of MMA and boxing. At this stage of my career, as it has been for the majority of my UFC career, potential opponents must lobby for fights with me.

“We could see Conor McGregor anywhere. I run the fight game, the fashion game, the whiskey game, or whatever the next business endeavour might be. I have every intention of fighting in 2018 if my compensation and business development endeavours accurately reflect my influence on combat sports.”