Conor McGregor Crashes Floyd Mayweather’s Q&A Session & Things Get Real.


Floyd Mayweather is feeling a little under the heat as the mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor has been hounding him for the last one year in order to put forth an epic pay per view event. Conor McGregor’s media campaigns are geared towards a fight between the 2 martial arts stars as its main event, guaranteed to be a hit everywhere.


The highlight of one such Q&A event was, however, not Mayweather, the person who was supposed to be the one to whom the questions were presented, but a small Irishman instead. Mayweather was in Birmingham, England during the weekend for a general Q&A session. However, unbeknownst to him, the famous Irish impressionist, Al Foran was also at the venue. What followed was equal parts hilarious and equal parts interesting.

Once Foran got a hold of the microphone, he practically dictated the whole show in McGregor style, trash talking his way through it all while sitting opposite to the legendary martial artist.


Foran is renowned for his impressions of famous personalities like Robert DeNiro, Donald Trump and Mike Tyson, among many others. Needless to say, once he got the chance, Foran flooded Mayweather with his talent.

Now, Foran does not at ALL look the part of the UFC champion McGregor, but close your eyes, and you can certainly hear McGregor walking up to Floyd. True to McGregor style, FOran slowly made his way towards the stage, while saying (authentic McGregor style), “Floyd, Ireland is a thirty-five-minute flight from here! Dublin is a thirty-five-minute flight from here. You said ‘Give the fans what they want’, let’s give them what the f*ck they want, the half a billion dollar fight!”


The audience certainly was very receptive to this McGregor and cheered him along for the show. As for Mayweather, he kept smiling through the whole procedure.

Going on to his DeNiro character, Foran went on to say, “I think it would be a very big fight”. It was so convincing that not only the audience but even Floyd started clapping. He then oved into his Joe Pesci and Mike Tyson routines as well. As Foran and Mayweather fist bumped, Foran got back to his Tyson lisp and said, “the fighters have gotta manage themselves, that’s what’s so important about boxing”.


Last but not the least, it seemed even Donald Trump was present (via Foran) to wish Floyd on his fights. The president of the United States then said that he had to run the biggest country in the world, and had to run.

Needless to say, with this kind of encouragement, Mayweather was all too happy, as were the audience members. The presenter introduced Al Foran and as all good things do, it all came to an end.

Do check out the whole video below to see one of the biggest martial arts legends brought to smile by a small Irish impressionist!