Dude Gets Knocked Into A Coma And Has A Seizure By An Open Hand Slap.


It is a great pleasure to slap someone or see someone getting slapped. Especially when the person on the receiving end really deserves it. Maybe the slap gives such a pleasure because it embarrasses the receiver terribly. Men have always said that slapping is the weapon of a coward and punching is the right way to so. But that does not matter, the only thing that matters is that slaps are enjoyable.


As always people have created some odd and wacky competitions and contests, but a slapping competition is taking things to the next level. The Ink Masters have created the first Slap Off Contest KO at their tattoo show.


In order to keep things professional and not personal, the fight starts with contenders shaking each other’s hands. Then the contestants play a round of rock, paper, scissors in order to determine who will slap first.


Later, the contestant who will slap must prepare properly, because the slap must be an open-hand strike and the slap must land on the side of the face without hitting the ear. The opponent also stays still according to the rules.


After that, it is the other player’s turn. The same rules apply to him as well. The competition continues Slap vs. Slap until someone gets knocked out or gives up.

A video occurred from the Ink Masters event of a Slap Off Round 1 knockout. Apparently, a contestant used the Stockton Slap to knock out his competition. The video shows a blonde man and a man with a hat inquire in a game of Slap Off. The players play a round of paper, rock, scissors which the man with the hat wins.


Later, the man with the hat prepares for his slap. Surprisingly, he manages to pull out a Stockton Slap on his opponent. The slap is incredibly strong, knocking back the opponent and forcing him to fall on the ground. Few people help the man get up, but he is not capable of continuing, leaving the man with the hat victorious.


The Stockton Slap is part of the Diaz customs. Nick Diaz in an interview with Ariel Helwani made a reference to the Stockton Slap. Diaz did not want to do the interview and said that Helwani was an instigator and people like him get slapped.


Fight analyst Jack Slack also commented on the Stockton Slap. He said that the slap’s intention is not to intimidate the opponent. The Stockton Slap can be as effective as a punch and it is by far safer than the punch. Slack also said that the slap saves a great amount of energy. Rather than punching and missing you can slap.