This is the Lingerie Fighting Championships ladies & gentleman.


When it comes to women in sport, fans are not that interested. The fans find it boring and think that men are much better at sports. However, fans made an exception for the Lingerie Fighting Championship.


The Lingerie Fighting Championships features women wearing only underwear in a UFC-style cage. Everything is same as in UFC except the fighters wear only their underwear. There is nothing better for the fans’ eyes than beautiful women trying to beat each other up.


Make no mistake, this is not an amateur event. The event was held in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel and the media could not get enough of it.

The Lingerie Fighting Championship faced some controversial problems from the media. Many have criticized the event for being sexist and degrading women. Nicola Miller from the Women in Sport said: “What does it say about a sport if the women must be sexualized in order to compete?”


However, Shaun Donnelly, Chief Executive Officer of the Lingerie Fighting Championship is not very concerned about the negative comments. He is confident in his creation and says that the women involved are not being forced to compete.

“While I do not believe there is anything sexist about LFC I always find it funny that these stories are always accompanied by as many of our photos as can fit.” Said Donnelly. He added: “Oh, showing women in lingerie is sexist! Here is a photo. Isn’t it awful? Here is another.”

LFC already has a huge amount of viewers. There is no doubt that this sport will be a sensation. We can see people in the feature, waiting in a queue just to get tickets for an event.


The whole thing may seem bizarre, but you should keep in mind that is only for entertainment. Of course, the women who fight are skilled in mixed martial arts, but there is no way they can take on a fighter from the UFC.

If the sport continues to grow, feminists will surely rise against it. There is nothing in the world that feminist hate more than exploiting of women. The Lingerie Fighting Championship is under criticism now, but they are able to maintain their reputation. Shaun Donnelly’s remarks were quite smart. He attacked the media for their hypocrisy and defended the LFC.

In conclusion, as long as women are not being forced to join the Lingerie Fighting Championship there will not be any problems. It is the viewer’s choice if he is going to watch the sport. They are not forcing anyone to watch, they are just in the entertainment business.


To watch the highlights from the LFC event, watch the video below: