Teddy Atlas Keeps It Real – “Canelo Will Beat The Overrated Golovkin”

Legendary Boxing trainer and ESPN Analyst Teddy Atlas gives his honest to heart opinion about the rematch between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin to Boxing Scene. Check it out.


“I thought Golovkin won that fight. I thought it was a joke [that it was scored a draw]. I’m not saying that everything Golovkin did was right. I don’t think that you should be penalized because you didn’t fight as good as people thought you should. If you win – you win, and that’s all it should be,” Atlas told SiriusXM Radio’s At The Fights.

At the same time, Atlas does not like what he saw from Golovkin in that fight – and in several other recent contests.


“I think Golovkin is a guy who is starting to slip. I also think and I said it before it was popular to say, that he was an overrated guy. I said it a long time ago that he wasn’t as great as people are putting him up to be. He beat a lot of junior middleweights, a lot of 35, 36, 37-year-old European junior middleweights where he was overmatching them. I didn’t see him as that great [fighter everyone said he was], but I thought he won this fight and won it clearly,” Atlas said.

As far as the rematch, Atlas is not only picking Canelo to win, but he won’t be surprised if the Mexican boxer makes it look easy.


“I’ll tell you, in a rematch I’m going to go the other way and pick Canelo – because Golovkin is slipping, there is no doubt about it. And Canelo has more upside, he’s the younger guy, he’s gained confidence from the first fight. He wasn’t sure if he could handle the size and the strength, so now he’s sure that he can and he’s going to be more consistent from an offensive standpoint and I think he will win the fight this time and I think he might win the fight easy,” Atlas said.