Dana White – “If It Wasn’t For Me, I’m The One Who Made Conor McGregor.”


UFC president Dana White was forced to reveal a lot of information about himself, the UFC and it’s fighters during the most recent deposition for the UFC anti-trust lawsuit that’s on going. Here’s what he had to say about Conor McGregor. Check out what Dana White Said BELOW!


“Four years ago, Conor McGregor was available to everybody. Bellator, ONE FC, UFC, everybody out there. Do you know who went out- he was- he was 7 and 2, Okay? Guy’s record was 7 and 2. There’s a zillion of them, right? I went out and got Conor McGregor. I saw him, I liked his personality, and I turned him into a star, one of the biggest stars on earth right…”



According to MMAMania:

This is factually incorrect as well as misleading; McGregor was already a two-weight champion in Cage Warriors with considerable hype, and his record was 12-2 when the UFC signed him.

Other details include how the UFC used anti-competitive practices to prevent free agency of fighters. Jon Fitch can certainly attest to this (as he does below).


Zuffa also went after any fighter that dared to turn down a fight from Joe Silva.


UFC Fight Pass subscribers have moon rocketed from 140,000 subscribers to nearly 400,000 in a few short years.