Comedian Joey Diaz In Hot Water After ‘Horrifying’ Mackenzie Dern Comment

Superstar Comedian and podcast host Joey Diaz has gotten himself in trouble with the feminist community and Millennial’s alike after tweeting out a comment during UFC star Mackenzie Dern’s fight this past weekend at UFC 222. A protest has begun to boycott all of his comedy shows and have anything he’s ever filmed pulled from TV and his podcast pulled from the internet. Here’s what Diaz said during the Dern fight that has caused so much controversy.

“Mackenzie Derns asshole is going to smell tremendous after the fight”

Diaz said on twitter. He took a lot of heat for this comment by people claiming that this is a form of sexual assault and comments like these can make a woman fear for her life because if Diaz really wanted to smell her hole she would be powerless to stop him. Diaz replied to the controversy with a sort of apology:

I’m Husband, a Father but most importantly a man. I will say things in the heat of comedic passion that not everyone will like……out of respect to my hero’s… Bruce, Pryor, Rogan, Hicks, Burr, Kinison, Kearns, Vos……….I’ll never apologize for a joke……..

I’m trying to raise a daughter I would never mean to disrespect you or any other woman

The feminist army has formed and the Women’s Mixed martial Artists official twitter handle “I Hit Hard” has gone on a rampage:

This is disgusting, and it’s sickening to see how many men are rallying behind Joey Diaz’s derogatory comments about McKenzie Dern

Men will never understand how hard women have to fight to be taken seriously as martial artists and athletes without being reduced to their body parts and hypersexualised #misogyny #InternationalWomenDay2018 #ufc

Men who laugh at such comments are also part of the problem. You are all perpetuating a culture that views women as sexual objects, reduced to their bodies. This is dangerous in that it creates an entitlement to women’s bodies that results in sexual violence #ufc #IWD18

In terms of the fight world, this just goes to show that we, as female athletes, are constantly having to assert ourselves as human beings worthy of respect both in the #octagon and in the club/gym. Apparently men still struggle to even give us our humanity and dignity. #ufc