‘Incredible Hulk’ Bodybuilder Versus ‘The MMA Kid’ In Backyard Brawl


In the early days of the internet, when the WWF was at the height of its popularity, ‘backyard wrestling’ became a huge trend. Complete novices took to their gardens attempting to emulate the moves of their heroes, more often than not leading to disastrous consequences. However, this is 2018.


These days Conor McGregor is more the mainstream than Stone Cold Steve Austin and presumably based on what we see in this video, backyard MMA must be the new incarnation of this phenomenon.


Red shorts assumes control of the confrontation immediately, landing a multi-punch combination consisting entirely of right hooks reminiscent of a mixture between classic Roy Jones boxing (if he was a 10 pints deep) mixed with the elegance of a hockey fight on ice. Flailing around like a pair of contestants on the new series of Dancing on Ice, both men continue slipping and sliding around as if they were just getting used to their skates until they become tangled in a clinch.


From there, black shorts surrenders position entirely, presenting his back before succumbing to a barrage of ground and pound and calling for mercy which he is granted but not without eating a soccer kick to the head for his troubles. The moral of the story is if you plan on settling your differences outside, it’s probably not the best idea to try and have a stand-up fight on gravel. Also, as a word of advice for black shorts mixing the bench press regime with a couple boxing and BJJ lessons would probably prevent him being face-down and turtled up with no means of escape again.