She Thick: Instagram Super Model Gets Choked To Sleep In Miami

We love it when the girls get a bit rowdy! Generally, it is the guys that resort to blows when they don’t have the verbal capital to diffuse a situation, but from time to time we see the fairer sex get involved in a bit of argie-bargie. The clip below features a few urban girls who are in a stoush over something pretty minor in the scheme of things. They squawk at each other and there is a bit of push and shove going on.

It is enough to make one of the blokes in attendance to whip out his phone to document the occasion. The chick in the grey leggings is apparently an Instagram star, although the claim is unsubstantiated. She is certainly dressed like she should be holding a protein smoothie with Photo shopped sweat adorning her torso. One thing we do know is that she has absolutely zero ideas about how to fight!

Her fists flail, she is obviously more concerned with the trash talk than defense, pointing out physical flaws in her opponent throughout. Her main opponent sports a black Levis t-shirt and is a bit more accomplished in the fighting spectrum. She is able to defend the grey pants model’s ill-directed swings and counters with her own jabs which see her take the upper hand.

After the thick chick tries to tussle with others, the matriarch of the group calls for a one on one fight and to stop messing around. It doesn’t last long, with the Levis T-shirted woman dominating proceedings. They trade strikes before locking up into a clinch.

But they won’t find a stalemate there. It isn’t long before our thick model is thrown to the ground with her face pressed into the road. The other woman gets her hands tightly around her neck cutting off not only air and blood supplies but also her ability to shoot her mouth off. The other women intervene before she fully passes out. Check out this crazy video: