Former Champ Who Knocked Out Mayweather, Eliminates A Bloods Gang Member

There are drunks and then there is this guy. We have all seen examples of stupidity. But what this drunk tried doing is beyond anything imaginable. Frankly, we cannot blame him fully as he might not have known who he was picking on, but that is no excuse for trying to bully someone in the first place.

As it happened, the drunk in question was walking around the streets, abusing anyone he could lay his eyes on. Pretty standard fare for drunks. After all, what else are they to do if not walk around trying to bully others? That is what drunks are for, right? Good old standard comedy delivered perfectly.

However, the comedy took a very big turn for the worse (for the drunk of course), when he tried to pick on a random guy. Unfortunately for him, this random guy turned out to be someone named Rocky Lockridge. Now, if it seems like you have heard the name somewhere before, chances are that you are an old time fan of boxing. Rocky Lockridge is a former world champion. Yes, you read that right, a WORLD CHAMPION! At his peak, the man even defeated Floyd Mayweather’s uncle, Roger.

But we are deviating from our current story. So, yes, this drunk walked up to Rocky and tried to pick on him. Neither the guy’s size, his attitude nor his confidence registered on the drunk’s radar of course! Quite natural given the state he was in, so we cannot blame him for doing this either. However, the worst was yet to come. The former champion might have let him off, but for his taunting. The drunk decided to play it with all in. He actually went ahead and decided to start taunting him.

Because of heck, if one is going to taunt someone, why not pick someone 10 sizes bigger than himself who happens to be a former boxing champion? Now, bystanders tried to diffuse the situation by asking Rocky to not get egged on (apparently they had the common sense not to encourage the boxing champion). However, Rocky was a boxing champion. And well, these guys are usually not very happy about being called out. So, despite being asked to stay calm, Rocky was anything but and decided to let the drunk know who was the boss.

The result? Well, a single boxing punch was demonstrated, the drunk never knew what hit him and all went quiet. In retrospect, the drunk did not have any say in the “being quiet” matter because he was out cold. As for Rocky, he walked away. Frankly, we do not know what happened after that, but we are sure that the drunk will have a very bad condition once he wakes up from his drunken stupor, preferably in a hospital bed.

Oh, and we think he would think twice (or maybe thrice or even more times) before he approaches anyone with the intention of bullying, even in an inebriated state. Check out the video below to know what exactly transpired.