Russian MMA Event Features 8 Yr Old Kids Getting Knocked & Choked Out Cold

MMA was always advertised as the most dangerous sport. Even if kids can start practicing the sport at a young age, they are not allowed to fight until they are fully grown-up. If kids were allowed to have professional fights, MMA would have been shut down immediately.

However, Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Chechnya did not respect this rule and allowed his kids to enter a professional fight. In Chechnya, the even Grand Prix Akhmat 2016 featured Kadyrov’s three kids.

Apparently, same as professional MMA fighters do, the kids entered the ring with the background music and were announced by the commentator.

The event was mainly for adult MMA fighters, but an exception was made for Ramzan Kadyrov’s kids. However, we can see that this was all planned because the event’s commentary and graphics were used to introduce the children.

The children were 8-10 years old and the fights were quite heated. The rules were same as the normal MMA professional fight. Apparently, the kids were surprisingly good. The fights included takedowns and some knockout wins. The winner of the championship was Ramzan Kadyrov’s son.

Russian MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko was outraged by the event. He wrote on Instagram: “What happened at the tournament in Grozny is unacceptable and, moreover, cannot be justified.”

He also said that the kids were at risk of permanent injury. He said: “Needless to say that kids under age of 12 cannot even attend MMA fights as a spectator, but here we had little ones as young as eight beating each other up in front of happy adults.”

The event broke many of the rules that were approved by the Russian government. There is a rule that prohibits fighters under 21 years of age to not wear helmets and special ankle protection in an MMA fight. The kids are also shirtless, breaking the rule that says children under 17 must wear a shirt.

Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov is the Head of the Chechen Republic and a former member of the Chechen independence movement. Kadyrov founded the Akhmat Fight Club and created an annual freestyle wrestling international tournament Ramzan Kadyrov and Adlan Varayev Cup. Kadyrov also supported killings of homosexual men by family members.

Fedor also attacked Kadyrov, saying: “I am outraged by the fact that the head of Chechnya was watching over it. Didn’t the sports minister tell him about the fact that children under 12 cannot participate in MMA under any circumstances?”

However, Kadyrov was not very concerned about the negative comments, he posted videos on Instagram of some fights and celebrated his son’s victory. To watch some highlights of the event, follow the link below: