Amateur Boxer Knocks A Disrespectful Police Officer Out Cold With 1 Punch

It’s unclear what the cause of this altercation between a male and female police officer and a member of the public is but at the start of this video, it doesn’t appear as though the cops want to arrest the man in question. The situation is tense, however, with the female police officer yelling at the man, while he refuses to cooperate with them and continues to try and walk away from the scene.

Eventually, the man starts to shout back and provoke the female officer. He’s clearly had enough at this stage of the clip and begins pointing at6 her and looking to bait her. She decides enough is enough and pulls out her cuffs in order to arrest him but, unfortunately for her and her colleague, this dude isn’t going down without a fight.

The two police officers back him up against a wall and try to restrain him. It’s at this point that things get interesting; despite looking like they have him under control, he begins to fend them off, pushing the cops away one and a time.

The female officer escalates things further by putting her fists up as she looks to go one on one with him. The guy reacts by swinging at her and she just misses copping a couple of fists to the face. The male officer decides to get involved in the fight but immediately takes a shot to the face and folds like a wet blanket.

Eventually, backup arrives and the dude is tased into oblivion. I wonder how he was treated when they got him alone and away from the cameras? No doubt, they were as courteous and respectful as you lot are about to be in the comments!

[NOTE: These stories, in which the police and a civilian go at it, invariably cause a sh*tstorm in our comments section with people from both sides of the debate weighing in and giving their two cents worth. And while we encourage debate, we ask you, fine fellas, to keep it civil when posting a comment…]