Disrespectful Barber Shop Customer Gets Lit Up Like A Philly Blunt


A barber shop has always seemed like a good place for a fight. There’s a lot of manly hair removal going on, there’s the smell of liniment, aftershave, steriliser, eucalyptus and bay rum creating that lovely unique barbershop smell. There’s usually an old relic of an ashtray sitting in the corner – it’s just a story. Needless to say that back in the day, barbers were multiskilled and could often perform surgery as well. Well finally, our wishes have been granted and we have found a modern-day throwdown in a downtown barbershop.


We open on a couple of dudes having an argument on the shop floor. One is a white guy in the classiest of Nautica t-shirts. The other is a black guy with a bald head, warranting the question; why the hell does he need a haircut when he’s rocking the full Brazil already? He doesn’t know if the bald guy is high or stupid, but he’s got a hell of a mouth on him as he taunts the physically superior white guy.


Whilst the white guy tell him to take a seat we hear his response:
“You better chill or I’ll murder you” the bald guy fires back, “…in public,” he adds ominously.
We think it’s about the throw down when one of the barbers intervenes telling the bald guy that he has to leave.

The white guy sits back down to continue his cut while the bald guy parks himself in an adjacent chair, still throwing insults and making tongue-in-cheek comments. He gets up suddenly out of the barber’s chair and walks toward the white guy.

The white guy removes his smock dramatically runs his hands through his hair menacingly and approached the bald guy who has retreated. He tells him one more time to sit down before unleashing a huge kick to the ribs that he follows closely with punches and a huge uppercut that sends the bald guy flying into the chair. From there he berates him verbally as one of the barbers comes over to roughly escort the man out of the shop.


The video continues with the bald guy returning to the shop and actually having his hair cut next to the white guy. He sits there glumly with his tail between his legs.  Check out the outstanding clip on the player below.