They’re calling him “The Next Daniel Cormier”

How good is a drunken night out on the town with the boys. The beers are flowing, the laughs are many and someone is usually acting like a complete clown to entertain the group. In the case of the clip below which looks to be a bucks party, a bunch of lads have descended on a downtown saloon where the beers have flowed freely and and in hand to the front of the establishment. The group looks to be predominantly white males displaying particularly stereotypical attire and mannerism. But the shenanigans kick up a gear when another man gets involved.

We can only assume that this man was started by the group as he walked by. In particular by one bloke who is incredibly overserved. Now a different recipient of a taunt by such an individual would probably laugh it off and continue on his merry way, but this was not this man, who instead chose to make an example of him.

The internet is apparently referring to this man, now as the next Daniel Cormier, more likely on account of his portly build and bald head than his fighting prowess. Because if this bloke can do what he did to the drunkard, Cormier would likely have killed him with a single swipe of his paw!

The clip opens with the black guy ready to swing with his hands at the ready. The white guy, wearing cream shorts and a light blue shirt staggers, drunk, forward, leading with his chin, asking to be struck. And struck, he most certainly is…

After one or two love taps that he takes on the chin, the man realises he is in strife. After attempting to cover up, the man cops a nice round hook that connects flush with his jaw, and sends him sprawling backwards. He is very lucky not to hit his head on the pavement as he is definitely unconscious before he hits the ground. The black guy storms off, not wanting to be a part of the aftermath. No one pursues him, and this is probably wise.