His name is ‘OG Money’ and this barber just messed up his haircut


They say your hair is your head-suit. No matter whether it is black, brown, blonde or ginger, hair is a natural accessory that we style to convey something personal to the world. So when we entrust the manicuring of such a precious asset to a professional, that is a lot of trust we are placing in another human.


Obviously, things don’t always go smoothly, as this mini gangster from Doncaster found out. The video was shot by another patron of the shop who noticed a bit of a row going on. A ginger, portly chap is having words with the barber who has just completed his haircut. He’s apparently not very happy.


“You taking the p*ss? You taking the p*ss dickhead? I’ll knock you spark out. Do something big balls! Come outside! F*cking daft c*nt! I swear to God” The angry ginger takes a swing at the barber (who is armed with scissors) and storms out of the barber shop. But apparently, the barber was not taking the piss!


According to 34-year-old David Smithson who shot the footage, the kid asked for a 1.5 on top which the barber obligingly carried out. The kid then returned to Ali’s Super Cut with his mother who, after straightening the story out sat her son down to attempt to explain it all. The teary kid then apparently said, ‘Are you going to f*cking walk into town and get me a hat then?’’


To which the mum retorted, ‘if you carry on talking to me like that you’ll get nothing!!’ I know what I’d be giving the kid if he spoke to me like that, a solid clip around the ear. Damn straight. This reminds me of the ‘just f*ck my sh*t up meme’, but with the kid being unable to handle a bad hair cut. Check out the clip, which has garnered more than a million views, below.