They’re Calling Him ‘The Next Mike Tyson’ And His Power Is Terrifying

To be compared to “Iron” Mike, a fighter needs to accomplish a number of things. They have to be fierce, formidable and damn talented. During his career, Tyson struck fear into his opponents with his amazing combinations and the huge power of his strikes. Of his 50 wins in the ring, 44 were by knockout.If you jumped in the ring with Mike Tyson, the chances are that you were coming out a changed man. Or at least not unassisted.

So when fans began calling James “The Beast” Wilson the next Mike Tyson, we were of course skeptical. But after a checkered MMA career, Wilson is enjoying an undefeated boxing campaign. He trains like a beast, he eats like a beast and he fights like a beast. His recent Instagram post below shows just how hard he is willing to work to be the best.

It has been reported that Wilson battled homelessness and juvenile delinquency as well as becoming a foster kid. Sports proved to be the thing that straightened his path, giving him direction and focus. This eventually led to an amazing life turnaround and a successful fighting career.

Currently, the American has fought bouts in New Zealand and Mexico but has caught the attention of the world’s press and promoters with his fearless attitude and ferocious attacking style. Whilst he doesn’t have the same ‘Peek-a-boo’ style as Tyson, he does have the same explosive attack which can catch opponents severely off guard as the barrages take their toll.

Currently ranked at 69 in the American boxing ratings, the star has been knocking opponents out for years in K1 and MMA as previously mentioned. The videos below show some of the best from ‘The Beast’ and some strikes that you would hate to be on the receiving end of. Check out his brutal KO where he knocks his opponent out of the ring and onto the judges table!