They Call Him ‘The Shredder’ And He Just KO’D 2 Dudes In Under 5 Seconds

The debate over who holds the fastest knockout in MMA is a tense one. Officially, the exact time of a fight’s finish is measured between when the bell rings and when the referee waves the fight off. Obviously, that metric does not favor how quick the list of fastest knockout finishes actually occurred. Instead, that way of timing a KO relies on the referee being quick to step in and wave the action off.

Basically, if you have a somewhat slow-witted or rotund referee, the likelihood is a three-second knockout could turn into a seven-second knockout. If you are unfortunate enough to have Mario Yamasaki reffing your fight, you could still be punching the guy 30 seconds later. During a MMA career that has only spanned seven fights so far, Mike Garrett has established himself as a first round fighter. All his fights, 5 wins and 2 losses, have all finished in the very first round.

During two of those explosive wars, Garrett finished his opponents in a total of 4.63 seconds. The first of those two blistering knockouts was against Sam Heron at WCMMA 14 and clocked in at an amazing 1.13 seconds. Somewhat debated, the KO was officially clocked in at three seconds. As mentioned before, this is due to the time the referee officially stopped the action. Strange that it took the ref longer to wave his hands than it did for Mike Garrett to flatten his opponent out cold.

Still, that 1.13-second blitz scored Garrett the joint fastest knockout ever according to the Tapology Rankings. The second of his two monstrous finishes came just four months later at UCMMA 50. Perhaps even more astonishing is the fact that Garrett had only started training MMA eight months before WCMMA 14. It was actually his professional debut.

Delivering another crazy knockout in less time than it takes the referee to wave it off. Truly impressive by the fastest knockout world record holder Mike “Shredder” Garrett. Garett makes Conor McGregor’s 13-second KO over Jose Aldo look like a feature-length movie.

During his latest bout, Garrett had a four-fight winning streak snapped by George Tokkos at UCMMA 54 in February of this year. Perhaps we can expect another super-quick knockout, win or lose, in his next MMA fight.