School Kid Melts 2 Bullies With Savage Haymakers Like The Next Conor McGregor

We always love seeing a kid stand up for himself against a bigger, stronger bully. All too often, bullies are given way too much free reign to belittle and stand over their prey and we know that one of the only ways a bully will learn is if they are faced with strength in return. Footage has emerged from the Philippines of a superb case of the bullied standing up themselves. The clip, which only lasts for 28 seconds proves to accommodate plenty of time for the story to unfold and conclude in a fiery clash.

We see a bully in a yellow t-shirt picking on a kid in grey in a school volleyball arena. One of his female schoolmates tries to hold him back, perhaps foreseeing what is about to happen. The bully walks directly at him leaning his shoulder into his chest and nudging him roughly. And well, the kid on the receiving end isn’t going to cop it, violently retaliating by pushing him back.

From there a short scuffle begins but ends abruptly when the bully cops a nice whack in the chops. He hits the deck and tries to get up. Meanwhile, a third perpetrator enters, trying to clean up the kid in the grey t-shirt. But the original bully, all of a sudden, reenters the fight trying to get one back.

Well, this proved to be an ill-fated move as the kid in grey first didges, then counter-punches hard and swiftly, knocking the bully to the ground, out cold. His friends come to his aid as the original victim walks off, concerned, but un-remorseful. The others tug at the kid’s limp body, trying to sit him up, but he is fast asleep.

The clip is captioned on Facebook with an ominous warning which translates to: “Warning for the bullies out there. Careful heed to yourselves, lest you be able to beat this powerful punch.” And bullies be warned! You never know what kind of skills the shrimpy little kid you are picking on has under the hood! Watch the outstanding defense on the player below.