He Ran Up On The Wrong One “You In The Wrong Hood Homie”

Suburbia seems to be a popular setting for all kinds of brawls to go down. It seems these days that we have lost our ability to reason verbally and resorting to fists is seen as the more effective way of getting a message across. It is highly recommended that if you are going to go down this path then some lessons in defense are taken because if the other guy is attacking, then you can be done before your attack works on him! A prime example of this is in the clip below where a guy gets his block knocked off without a proper defense.

Granted, he is grossly outnumbered as he confronts a member of a large group of guys in a picturesque urban setting. The nature of their beef isn’t understood, but it’s just started going down when the camera starts rolling. It’s a one-sided affair from start to finish. The black guy is set upon by a white guy in a black tank top. Fashion choices aside, the white guy is very aggressive as he sets upon the black guy, grabbing him by the back of the t-shirt and holding him down in position has he delivers 10 straight knees to the face. Using a car for support, the black guy has absolutely no answer to the brutal onslaught as he is soundly battered.

All of a sudden he breaks free and lets fly with some wild swings of his own. They are ill-directed in his disoriented state and the white guy dodges them and they don’t make an impact. The black guy is slung to the ground where the white guy gets a top mount, holding him down and delivering a severe ground and pound. To add insult to injury, the black guy’s pants have fallen down and he is an absolute mess as he tried to regain his feet. The cameraman points out, somewhat obviously, that he is done. The group disbands and the footage stops. The confronting clip can be viewed here: