40-0 Undefeated Street Savage Enters An MMA Gym And Gets Viciously Beaten To A Pulp

They say, when it comes to fighting, that nothing beats experience. Whilst, sometimes we see some upsets when the young up-and-comers beat older fighters, invariably, the old guys have seen it all before and just know how to counter most things that come their way. The reason for this is because they have had years of tireless training in both offense and defense that allows them to move instinctively and not overthink. This also allows them more time to consider counter-actions in order to mitigate risk and mount offenses from defensive positions.

What we see in the clip below is a man without professional experience, coming up against a seasoned pro. Whilst he may not be the most famous fighter that has graced the cage, Steven Durr has a professional record of 1-2, having fought in Strikeforce and OneFC. Just to get to the point of being offered a professional berth takes years of dedication, considerable talent and an X factor that means they will be able to remain competitive at the top level.

So when Hunter Black, a ‘backyard brawler’ claimed he had a record of 40-0 and was ready for the next challenge, the first logical step was to step into an actual fighting gym. You see, Black reportedly believed he could beat any fighter on the planet in the same weight class – a cocky claim to make considering he had only canvassed a tiny portion of what was out there. So when he heard the gym had a member, Durr, who had gone pro, he leaped at the chance to call him out.

So there they were: an amateur and pro, squaring off for bragging rights. So what was the result? Well, let’s just say experience counts. After dutifully feeling things out, Durr doesn’t waste a second longer in taking Black to task. A series of flurries puts Black in a defensive mindset very quickly as he realizes he is out of his depth. From there it is incredibly one-sided. Check it out: